Friday, February 23, 2007

Feeling beautiful

Last night as i was feeding asher before bed, my mind was bouncing from one thought to the next. I was thinking about how asher is changing and becoming more discerning in who he is around - the beginnings of stranger anxiety. Avery was a pro at this, asher has been much more accomodating. We had some neighbors over for dinner last night who we don't know well at all. I was finishing feeding asher some sweet potatoes when the couple got there. I stepped away to say hi or do something and the man tried to engage Asher. Well, that little lip turned out, his eyes scrunched up and he just started bawling! Truly, the first time he's done that. Once i stepped back over to him, he settled down, but was leaning towards me. Only momma would do at that moment.

So, fast forward to bedtime in his room. I thought about how beautiful it makes me feel when my kids want me and only me. Sure, there are times when it wears me out and i wish that any and everyone would do to comfort them, but if i really think about it, i feel like the most beautiful person ever b/c i'm desired!

I have this problem with putting too much emphasis on outward appearance. I'll never be thin enough or pretty enough and i wrap up too much of my significance in that. I get jealous of pretty, cute, thin moms b/c i feel like they are worthy of being desired, but not me. So, it was super sweet of God to show me that being loved and desired by those that matter and for reasons other than appearance are lie-shattering and soul-feeding to the nth degree. I just relished that truth and those feelings for a little longer than usual last night and held asher's little hand a bit tighter before putting him to bed.

Girls, let your family's love and your God's love make you feel BEAUTIFUL! You are!!

Slow getting started

Ah the gusto i feel at the onset...and the laziness i succumb to - or maybe it's fear.

A recommitment to get the info out to some great women to get the posting going!

Here goes nothing! I've got a few moments during naptime.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Lately, the Lord has been showing me the lonely road that so many moms walk. As relational as we seem wired to be, we still struggle to be honest and transparent in our daily struggles as parents, wives and people. Add to that the calling we share with our husbands to serve in ministry and life can get downright miserable. I truly desire to create a place to share struggles, insights and encouragement to fellow moms/wives who's husbands are in ministry. Whether you are "a single mom" a lot or tired of keeping a smile on your face when you are dying inside, this place is for you. If you are bursting at the seams with words of wisdom from Scripture or have poetry, songs or stories, please share them! We are made for fellowship, in the valleys as well as the mountaintops. Praise God that we are all at different places at different times! I pray that the Lord will create a community that speaks to our needs. After all, He is Elohim, the Creator!

This blog is for you! The username and password are for you to use to post what you want here. So, add this to your favorites and try to share when you have a few precious moments of "you" time!

You are loved and appreciated and have so much to share!